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A french weekday in London.

30 May

This week I embarked on my little trip up to London.

I only had 2 days, and I had a lot to do, places to visit, and dear friends I wanted to see.

I had a quick lunch with a friend who just moved up to London. A little salad bar in Victoria was the setting for our catch up. Chatter about his new job, home, friends, business ideas etc. We managed to cover a lot of ground in that short hour. The salad was also good, especially as I hadn’t eaten all day.

Then on to Soho to meet some people I haven’t seen in almost a year. It was so good to see them. You start chatting and it doesn’t feel like a year has passed. More chatter about ‘whats going on in Soho’, family, music, new business ventures, bubble tea…once again, there’s never enough time.

Off to Covent Garden to meet my grandma for macarons and tea at Bougie Macaron and Tea.

We were greeted by the waitress who gave us a seat next to the window, lovely. The first thing that hit me when we first walked in were the decadent colours. The walls were painted in a metallic gold, and with the dark wood this could have been too dark, but they have a lovely big window which floods the place with light that dances off the painted walls.

They had a good menu, not just serving macarons, in fact, not just serving patisseries. With salads and light bites on the menu this is the perfect cafe for long lunch time catch up’s.

Their macarons mirrored Bougie’s metallic walls, each one was dusted with edible lustre. I did marvel at how the jeweled colours suited Bougie down to the ground.

We decided we would share 4 macarons between the 2 of us. It took us a little while to choose, but in the end we went for pistachio, raspberry, rose and salted caramel on recommendation. I had a lavender tea and grandma had an orange blossom.

The tea came in all sorts of unusual teapots, the aroma subtle but distinctive.

The flavour of the macarons was lovely, my favourite was the rose macaron.

Grandma and a rose macaron


But the texture was not good. They were quite crisp, and the pistachio was so hard I couldn’t even cut it in half which was a shame.

In general I would visit Bougie again, maybe have a spot of lunch and a pot of tea, but I don’t think I would have their macarons.


The next day was a bit of a blur. It rained so hard all day. But we whizzed around London in the haze.

First to the Pierre Herme counter in Selfridges. It was beautiful, unfortunately I wasn’t allowed to take a photo, but I sneaked this one in from afar.

I chose a Milk Chocolate and Passion Fruit macaron. Even though I only had the one macaron they still packaged it beautifully.

The colour was so vibrant and enchanting. Almost saying “Eat Me, I will change you’re life”.

And boy, did it!

As I bit through this beautiful morsel the shell softly crumpled into the centre exposing the moist yet structured almond interior. The ganache was UNBELIEVABLE! It was sweet and sour all at the same time. This experience was something else.

I finally popped to Laudree in Harrods, I didn’t have long as I had to catch my coach, but I quickly flew in. I hadn’t realised but they have a full-blown cafe there. It was gorgeous, extravagant. Once again I couldn’t get a photo, but I really recommend a visit.

I chose Laudree’s Cherry macaron.

The first thing that hit me was the scent. Cherry orchards in mid summer. Sweet and full-bodied, rich and light. Also the colour was fabulous.

Once again the centre was moist, the thin shell was deadly delicate. The flavour was sublime.

I ate this one on the coach on the way home, and when I took my 1st bite I couldn’t help but let out a long ‘mmmmm…’ The people sat near to me were looking over with curiosity as I enjoyed this moment, their eyes transfixed on this bright pink little piece of heaven.

It was different from the Pierre Herme macaron. In structure this macaron practically melted in my mouth, and the moister centre meant that it almost completely gave way to itself on my 1st nibble, but O-MY. Have you ever tasted flavours like this before, I can guarantee you no.

All in all it would be very hard to compare the two. Both unique, which seems complex when it comes down to it. They are just macarons, both almond, sugar and egg whites, both equally as good as one another, but somehow different.

I now know where I strive to be on my macaron journey, so even if I manage to capture 50% of a Pierre Herme or Laudree macaron in my own creations I will be thrilled to pieces.

The desperation to buy Pierre Herme’s book Macaron, and Sucre by Laudree is now at an all time high.

Until then, back to the kitchen!

I’ll leave you with a couple of pictures from the fish counter at Selfridges, they are currently supporting Project Ocean which is a fantastic cause.


So when is the next bank holiday?

3 May

It's a Tea Pop

What. A. Week. Few.

A very busy week it has been here at The Lilac Bakery. Baking a lot of goodies for the lovely Boscombe Tea Party. As you can see, I couldn’t resist making a batch of Tea Pops, I thought they were rather appropriately themed. Don’t you?

We also made cupcakes of all description as well as french macarons.

I do just want to say a big thank you to Lizi and Rich, who organized the event. They were fantastic and the day was just divine. And to everyone I got to chat with, and eat cake with and generally meet and say ‘Hi’, you are all fab, and I wouldn’t have been able to have such a great day without you. Thanks.


If I am totally 100% honest I did almost have a little melt down on Saturday. I blame it on chocolate modeling paste. If anyone has a UK version that doesn’t require corn syrup please contact me….Please!

I was baking a birthday cake for a friend, and my plan was to cover it in chocolate roses, but the modeling paste wouldn’t form, it just kept falling apart, which drove me crazy because it didn’t happen last time. So in the end the cake was layered in chocolate ganache and sprinkles which was rather fun.

Also I might have some exciting news in the next few days, so keep you’re ears peeled…

So until next time my hunky little cake munchers!xx

Happy Easter.

24 Apr

Easter Cupcpakes

I hope all have a lovely easter sunday, full of chocolate and laughter!
Aimee x

1st Post!

22 Apr

Well, here it is, the 1st post. Honestly I am rather nervous…I can’t be sure why, because I’ll be lucky if my family even reads this….but I’m looking forward to posting online anyway.

I am writing here for a few reasons. 1st and foremost as a tool to show you guys what I do here at The Lilac Bakery, weddings, birthdays, maybe even some recipes, but also because I want to share this journey with you, from a little seed of a business to global empire (okay I know that’s a little far-fetched, but we can all dream eh?! 🙂

I’ve probably started writing far to late in the day, it’s been a busy one and my whole day plan was thrown out the window, and half the stuff I should have done I didn’t do, so I am now trying to catch up. But I guess I can blame my lack lustre writing on this being my first blog. No?

So yeah, my name is Aimee by the way….nice to meet you.

I look forward to sharing some foody thoughts with you.

Love Aimee x