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My 1st phone post

24 May

I’m on the move. Sat on the bus on the way to a business meeting. I’m excited actually. I always feel really motivated after one, and get loads done. Then I am off to get me some Jack Sparrow!

I’m also off on my trip to London tomorrow. It’s a business trip you know…ok only a little business, mostly research.
I must go check out the local bakery scene in London. See what’s new, buy a few bits (must test) and take some pictures. I can’t wait! I’ll probably spend a good potion of time in Covent Garden, I want to go to Boogie Macaron and Tea. Then Selfridges for some food shopping. There are ingredients in some of the big department stores in London that you don’t get down here in the south, so that will take a good few hours.
I doubt I’ll even have time (or money) to set foot in a clothes shop, but honestly, I’d rather be looking at cakes all day!

I will look forward to posting some pictures on Friday. But you might get a few cheeky uploads off the old mobile phone!
Have a great few days xx